Delaware Agricultural Museum and 1890's Village
Delaware Agricultural Museum and 1890's Village

For children who believe milk comes from the "grocery store," for teenagers who cannot fathom life before computers and mobile devices, for adults who grew up in cities and for those people who simply love farming and the rural life; the Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village offers a unique and memorable and educational experience.



Vision Statement: The Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village seeks to foster a society that understands the impact of agriculture on the shaping of our nation's history and its impact on our daily lives.


Mission Statement: The Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village utilizes its' collections, exhibits, historic buildings and interpretive programs to share the story of, and educate the public with regard to, Delaware's rich agricultural heritage.


The museum stands as a legacy to what is the rapidly fading agricultural landscape of both Delaware and the Delmarva Peninsula.

The Delaware Agricultural Museum is now a proud partner of Delaware Children in Nature! We hope to to help them reach their mission which is "To improve environmental literacy, create opportunities for children to participate in outdoor experiences, promote healthy lifestyles, and provice better access to green space through schools and community programs."


Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village

866 N. DuPont Highway, Dover, DE 19901


Phone:  (302) 734-1618


Days and Hours of Operation:

Tuesday through Saturday

10am to 3pm


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