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Educational Programs for Grades 4 to 6

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Simple Machines That Work - Indoors & Outdoors in our 1890's Village

NOT AVAILABLE in January and February.

4th thru 6th Grade - 2 hours / $4 per student

Simple machines that make complex machines, and how they work are the focus of this program. Students will try out simple machines as they move through the museum and village. How did farmers make the work easier and more productive? Do we use simple machines in everyday life now? From tractors to trains, interpreters will help students explore how simple machines make the world work. This program is in the village and the main museum. The village has some unheated buildings so be prepared for the cold. Correlates to Smithsonian kits – Motion and Design, Simple Machines.

Meets Delaware Standards Science 1, 2, 3, History 1, 2

Topical Pathways - Patterns, Relationships and Functions, Force and Motion, History



Delaware History on The Farm - Indoors

4th thru 6th Grade - 2 hours / $4 per student

Agriculture in Delaware has changed over the years, from self-sufficient family variety farms to large farms of limited, but important products. Journey back and discover how family farms operated and how the history of agriculture influenced the history of Delaware. Students will engage in activities in the areas of planting and reaping, our chicken tradition, fruits and vegetables, and learn how dairy cows give us so much food. Students will explore why we changed the way we farm and how this has impacted Delaware.

Meets Delaware Standards- Geography 4, History 1, 4, Economics 1, 3, 4 

Topical Pathways- Geography, Economics, History

Rural Economic - Indoors & Outdoors in our 1890's Village

NOT AVAILABLE in January and February.

4th thru 6th Grade - 2 hours / $4 per student

They will explore the differences between wants and needs in the Farmhouse.  Is a rural economy different from city businesses?  Is it different today from yesterday? Students will learn the answers as they explore the village from home to trade and business in the General store. Students will experience how barter influenced life in the past and is still used today. In the schoolhouse they will use slates & slate pencils to complete simple math problems to calculate trade value and how to assign a fair price to your goods and figure out your profit margin. Explore merchant services in the barbershop and the importance of the Sears & Roebuck catalog.

Meets Delaware Standards – History 1, 2, 4 Economics 1,2,3,4

Topical Pathways- History, Economics.


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To schedule a school program, please click on the link above called "Form For Tour Availability".
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