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Home Schools and Summer Camps 


Ag Museum activities for home schools and summer camps are designed for a broad range of students. 


To view the various program activities offered by the museum, please click on the link "Program Activities for Home Schools and Camps" on the left side of this page. 


Group size: 15 minimum  - 45 maximum 



Price: $4 per person (age 3 & over)                


Length of program:  90-120 Minutes

                                   (your group can stay as long as they like

                                    after your program - we  close at 3pm).


Because we use volunteers to administer our programs, we require a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice to coordinate.


We ask that all school groups arrive 15 minutes prior to their scheduled program start time. When deciding your start time, this means that everyone is here, restroom breaks are done and the children are lined up in their designated groups and ready to begin.


We ask that the person arranging the field trip tell the parents the start time is 15 minutes prior to the time you have chosen to start. If the parents are driving separately it’s important that you stress to them that the program will start on time with or without them.  If the majority of your group is late and we can’t start on time, we will cut an activity from your program so that we will still end on time. We maintain great volunteers by being respectful of their time -- we couldn not provide these programs without them.


About 95% of our Museum is stroller/wheelchair accessible.


In order to book a tour, we would need the following information (copy & paste into an email or fill out the online form called "Form For Tour Availability" on the left side of screen):


   1.  Name, City & State of School, Camp or Daycare:

   2.  Business phone number (if applicable):

   3.  Person’s Name scheduling the tour:

   4.  Mobile number (in case of emergency):

   5.  Number of students & parents that will be participating:

   6.  Grade(s) and Ages:

   7.  Any Special Needs:

   8.  Programs:  To view, click on the "Program Activities" link (left         side of this page).  

   9.  Date(s) you would like to visit (send 2 or 3 options)?

   10. Program start time: (10am, 10:30, 11 or 11:30)?

   11. Will you be eating lunch in our indoor picnic area?

   12. Would you like to visit the Gift Shop?

[note: groups under 25 people can visit the Gift Shop after their program / Groups over 25 it will be added as another activity IN addition to the 3 you have picked. All purchases will be kept at the front desk until your group is ready to leave]


To schedule a school program, please click on the link:


Form For Tour Availability

Don't Forget! The Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village has a gift shop with inexpensive educational souvenirs and toys for your students.  Most items are are priced .50¢ - $2.00


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