Delaware Agricultural Museum and 1890's Village
Delaware Agricultural Museum and 1890's Village

Educational Programs for Home Schools and Summer Camps 

Please choose four (4) program activities from

the following list:


1) Log Cabin (indoors) – Children tour the oldest log house in Delaware (ca 1750) and discuss/discover the differences between life in early America vs. today.


Activity: Items used in everyday living will be passed around such as wooden plates, bowl, and pewter plates, red ware plate, mug and tin mug. Children step outside the cabin and “walk through history”  where they sift through the sand searching for “artifacts” in an  excavation pit and try their hand at working a plow.


2) Dairy Exhibit (indoors) – Children visit the museum’s dairy exhibit and learn how the process of raising dairy cattle, milk production etc., has changed over the years. They also learn how dairy cows eat, digest food and produce milk.     


Activity: Students will each have a turn at milking our mock cow Lulu.


3) What Is It? (indoors) – Children discuss a variety of artifacts hand selected from the museum collections and specially designated for education purposes.


Activity: Students will pick up and look at, figure out what the item might be and guess what its modern equivalent is. How was this item used?


4) Visit with a Woodworker (indoors or outdoors) – Children learn what it was like to “build and fix” things without the convenience of electric tools.  They learn how to use simple tools such as a hand drill, work horse, spoke shaves and a drawknife.


Activity: Each student will have a chance to sit on a shave horse and shave wood.


5) Farmhouse (outdoors) – Children learn what it was like to grow up on a farm without electricity and indoor plumbing. They discover that children worked just as hard as their parent when it came to doing household chores, tending livestock, etc.


Activity: Student’s line up and will try their hand at washing clothes on a laundry board and turning the wringer.


6) Grist Mill (outdoors) – Children learn how corn, wheat, barley, and flour were processed for local farmers and their animals using water power to operate machinery.


Activity: Children have the opportunity to grind grain by hand and learn how to sift and refine  the grain to produce flour.


7) Learning to Write with Quill Pens and other Implements (Indoors) – Children learn about the history of writing implements (quills, slate pencils, etc.) and are given the opportunity to experiment with them.


Activity: Students learn how to properly dip their quill pen into ink, blot and practice writing the alphabet.


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