Delaware Agricultural Museum and 1890's Village
Delaware Agricultural Museum and 1890's Village

The Carney Farmhouse (ca. 1893)


In 1893, William "Mike" Carney bought land on Salisbury Road, northeast of Dover. He and his wife Sallie, then proceeded to build this house. Here, the Carneys raised their three children-- Thomas, Frazier, and Elizabeth.

Although Mike Carney was a carpenter by trade, he also farmed. He primarily grew strawberries, corn, and tomatoes.


The farm passed through three generations of family before a grandson sold it in 1970. Dr. Homer Minus donated the property to the Delaware Agricultural Museum in 1980.


The Summer Kitchen 

A farm wife moved her cooking duties to the Summer Kitchen once the weather got warm. The summer kitchen on the farmstead of the Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village was built in 1890 and was part of another house in Dover before being moved and added to the Carney house at the Museum.

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