Delaware Agricultural Museum and 1890's Village
Delaware Agricultural Museum and 1890's Village

Volunteer Information

Delaware Agricultural Museum & Village (DAMV) volunteers are recruited from the Delmarva Area through service agencies and personal contact. DAMV depends on volunteers to perform a wide range of duties needed to keep the museum functioning. No matter what activities you choose to undertake, we sincerely appreciate your time, talent and involvement.

  • New volunteers are asked to complete an application form and attend an orientation session to learn about the museum. Volunteers then participate in a general training session where they learn the role(s) and responsibilities of museum volunteers.

  • Volunteers have the opportunity to attend training sessions, educational programs, trips and social occasions. Our  volunteers occasionally participate in community service projects or fund-raising activities (that benefit the museum).

  • Volunteers are expected to become members of the museum -- membership is not expensive and entitles you to a number of museum benefits.

  • Volunteers are expected to keep a record of their volunteer hours. These records are required for the museum's annual report and are  VERY important when the museum applies for grants which require matching funds.

Depending on your volunteer duties you may be asked to dress in period appropriate clothing.


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