Delaware Agricultural Museum and 1890's Village
Delaware Agricultural Museum and 1890's Village

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Project to restore St.Thomas Methodist Episcopal Church (ca. 1857)


A major restoration / historic preservation project is underway at the Museum. The focus is the restoration of St. Thomas Methodist Episcopal Church (ca. 1857).

The church is an important symbol of Delaware’s rural history and heritage and a  wonderful example of 19th century rural church architecture, characterized by the steeply pitched roof, arched windows and Victorian Era stained glass. The pews, chairs, pulpit, alter and cast-iron stoves are original to the church. 

Sadly, the building has fallen into disrepair over the years, mostly due to a lack of funding dedicated to support its’ long-term preservation.

In an effort to save this beautiful building, the Delaware Agricultural Museum has contracted with a recognized expert in the field of historic preservation, Dave Reisinger (Roberts Construction) to perform the restoration work on the church.

The Delaware Agricultural Museum Receives Support from the State for Major Infrastructure Improvements 


In June 2019, the Delaware General Assembly voted to approve funding in the fiscal 2020 budget for infrastructure improvements to the Delaware Agricultural Museum under Bond Bill 180.


Thank you to all members of the General Assembly who made this possible!   A huge shout out to:  Senator Colin Bonini (R) District 16, Senator Dave Lawson (R) District 15, and Senator Ernie Lopez (R) District 6, for their assistance and support!!!!!!!!!!


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