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Lulu & Berit taking a selfie
Lulu enjoying the shade
A mini visitor with our mini pig

Have you ever seen a pot belly pig before? Well if not, come on over to the Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village and meet LuLu the 75lb pot belly pig.

We have expanded our family once again. In addition to our chickens, we now have a pot belly pig named LuLu. She is 2 years old and was donated to the DAMV by Christine Seney of Camden Delaware. LuLu grew up around lots of kids and other family pets and she loves attention. She is very friendly & will follow you around like a dog.  

LuLu is currently residing in our fenced in apple orchard to the left of our Farmhouse in our 1890’s village. Everyone is welcome to go inside and visit with her. We will be building her a larger shelter for the summer with lots of shade because as you may know, pigs don’t sweat and need to be able to keep cool.  She will live next door to the chickens behind the Farmhouse.

If you stop by to meet LuLu, please feel free to bring some healthy veggies to feed her. With all mini pigs, they can develop diabetes & joint problems from being over weight so we have to limit sugary foods. Fruits high in sugar should not be given to her. However, she can eat all the veggies she wants. Some of her favorites are tomatoes, green peppers, corn, apples, peaches & pears. So far, we have found out she does not like carrots, celery or bananas. 

“If you scratch her belly she will flop on her side so you can get better access. We might even ask you to brush her or rub some vitamin E on her dry skin,” said Di Rafter, Museum Director. So bring your children in to take a selfie with LuLu, send it to us and we will post it on our facebook page. Lulu has left the museum for the winter and will return in the spring.


DAMV Invites Support

A privately funded museum, the DAMV – like many facilities – continues to face challenges but has not stopped offering our unique educational programming for all children in grades 1-6. We still offer our facility for weddings, parties, and fundraising events for other charities. We offer memberships to the Museum for families that like to visit over & over. Remember, that day’s admission price can be counted towards a membership.

We are asking ALL visitors to please review us on Currently, we are ranked #10 out of 37 attractions in Dover, DE.




If you would like to help support our barnyard friends, we are accepting Mini Pig Food Pellets for Adults – Can get this at Southern States, Tractor Supply or 300 pets, Bag of Whole Oats (Producer’s Pride), Safeguard dewormer paste or Ivermectin, chicken feed, cracked corn and crushed oyster shells.


To make donations, call 734-1618 or deliver them to 866 N. DuPont Highway opposite Home Depot and adjacent to Delaware State University.

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