Delaware Agricultural Museum and 1890's Village
Delaware Agricultural Museum and 1890's Village


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Welcome to the Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village

The Delaware Agricultural Museum Association was founded in the late 1970’s by a group of Delaware farmers and business people dedicated to preserving the agricultural heritage of Delaware and the Delmarva Peninsula.   

Situated in a 40,000 square foot building, the Delaware Agricultural Museum houses a collection of over 4,000 artifacts on display in a variety of exhibits.  Some of the many highlights include:

• The Birth of the “Broiler” Industry - Cecile Steele’s 16' x 16' chicken

  coop (National Register of Historic Places)


• Antique farm machinery and equipment


• 1700’s  Swedish design log cabin

• 1940’s vintage crop duster

• The nationally recognized Jehu Camper folk art collection.  

The museum's 1890’s village - Loockerman Landing - illustrates a day in the life of a rural community in the late nineteenth century and featuresincludes:

• Silver Lake Mill        • Loockerman Landing Train Station   


• Mill Lane School   • Reed General Store    • Gourley Barbershop     


 • St. Thomas Church     • 19th Century Farmhouse & Outbuildings  


        • Johnson & Son Blacksmith & Wheelwright Shop      


The exhibits and artifacts on display tell the story of technological growth and change in Delaware and Delmarva's agricultural industries as well as life in rural communities.




Lulu has returned from her winter retreat to her home at the Delaware Ag Museum and she is eager to have visitors -- especially visitors with food!  Lulu loves fruits and vegetables, some of her favorites include:  


• cucumbers  • beets   • spinach • kale  • green peppers 

• tomatoes  • squash (all varieties) • peaches  • pears  • apples 

• oranges • melons


Feel free to bring Lulu some snacks to enjoy during your visit but PLEASE only feed her a few pieces.  As with all pot-bellied pigs, Lulu must watch her weight because her leg joints can fail if she gets too heavy.






LULU's chic-a-dee friends and neighbors are:  Lucy, Lizzy, Lilly and Licorice


Stop by the admissions desk and pick-up a cup of popcorn for their   afternoon snack!!!






        Make history come alive for your students at the Delaware 

        Agricultural Museum and Village!  With the help of our knowledgeable

        interpreters, your students will experience what life would have been

        like for their ancestors living in rural America in the late l800’s.        

        Our museum offers several hands-on educational programs that are

        tied to Delaware state standards, strands and grade level expectations. 


       Click on the “Educational Programs” link (top of the page) for more    


     Hours of Operation:

        Tuesday through Saturday

        10am to 3pm



        Adults: $7.00

        Seniors (65+): $5.00

        Students: $5.00*

        Military: $6.00*

        Youth: (4-17) $3.00

        Children under 3: Free      

        (*With Valid ID)


       Group Rates (click on link below)

     Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village

      866 N. DuPont Highway  Dover, DE 19901

      Phone:  (302) 734-1618



Pet Policy:  For reaons of liability we are unable to allow any pets, other than service animals,  inside or outside the museum. Thanks for your cooperation!

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