Delaware Agricultural Museum and 1890's Village
Delaware Agricultural Museum and 1890's Village

Educational Programs

The Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village offers wonderful opportunities for school children to gain better a knowledge of, and  appreciation for, Delaware history (and have some fun doing it)!







With the aid of our experienced interpreters, students can experience what life was like for people living in rural America in the late l800’s.


The museum offers a wonderful variety of hands-on educational programs that are tied to Delaware Common Core Standards for Math and Language Arts and Delaware Standards for Social Studies (including grade level expectations).   Click on the "Grade" links below to view the list of programs offered.

[Please note:  For kids age 5 and under, we suggest self-guided tours rather than structured educational programs.  There are lots of things in the museum and in the 1890's village for them to see and do!!!]

Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village

866 N. DuPont Highway, Dover, DE 19901


Phone:  (302) 734-1618


Days and Hours of Operation:

Tuesday through Saturday

10am to 3pm


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